The Lohas Market and the Super Green Consumer

The $290 billion LOHAS (Lifestyle of Health And Sustainability) market defines the universe of the ever-growing sustainable lifestyle market and the “Super Green” Consumer report reinforces Organic Spa Magazine‘s position in reaching the more upscale, affluent sector of this consumer segment.

“Super green” consumers – those engaged in the highest amount of environmentally-friendly activities – are top earners with a penchant for eco luxury items, according to a report from Scarborough Research*. 


“Super Green” consumers account for 5% of the U.S. adults:
• 76% have an annual household incomes of $150,000 or greater
• They’re more likely to own homes valued above $500,000
• They’re more likely to own second homes

“Super Green” consumers are far more likely than the average adult to spend money on personal and household goods.
• They spend $500 a year on cosmetics or fine jewelry.
• 49% are more likely to plan to buy a new luxury vehicle
• 77% are more like to spend upwards of $45,000 on new car purchases in the household

“Super Green” consumers tend to be locally-focused in their uses of the internet:
• 51% go online to check the weather
• 89% use the internet to search for a business addresses
• 60% consume local online news

**Scarborough Research – All About the Super Greenies Report 2011**

The LOHAS Market (defined as Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) is an estimated $290 billion marketplace for goods and services focused on health, the environment, personal development, sustainable living, and social justice.

2008 Lohas Market Size-$290 Billion