Digital Content Sponsorship

Organic Spa Media will designate a special section of the website for custom content from companies looking for more in-depth digital reach with their messaging. Choose between the categories of OSM website: Beauty, Wellness, Travel and Style. The sponsor will receive brand recognition and link backs to selected URLs, as well as promotion via social media sites. This is a phenomenal opportunity to build brand awareness and develop an educational platform.

Homepage Sponsored Content

Article placement in featured block top of homepage 500 words, 1 feature image, url to link within the article.

Rate: $2,750

Sitewide Sidebar Sponsored Content

The sponsored article will be featured on the sitewide sidebar.

Rate: $1,000

eWellness Newsletter Sponsored Content

This option allows sponsors to provide content for our monthly eWellness Newsletter that reaches our digital subscriber base. This is a great choice for companies that have an educational platform or other pertinent information that they would like to promote and endorse.The sponsor will receive branding recognition and a link back to their site with each post, which will be listed at the bottom of the article and on the website homepage. Sponsored Content will be displayed prominently on our eWellness Newsletter and will click through to its own page on Organic Spa Magazine’s website. Content will also be promoted via social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest).

Rate: $2,500 per mo

All Digital Content Sponsorship submissions will be passed through the Organic Spa Media, LTD online editorial team for approval. No promotional references or direct advertising within the provide content will be accepted.