Digital Media Rates


728x90 Global Leaderboard - $6,000
1517x188 Global Footer - $4,500

300x250 Rectangle - $1,900
Video - $3,500
Product Highlight Sponsorship - $1,200

Category Pages
300x250 Rectangle - $1,280
300x400 Skyscraper - $1,900

Article Pages
300x250 Rectangle - $950
300x400 Skyscraper - $1,250

Sites We Like
Expanded listing with link, description and screen shot - $150

Louis Schwartzberg Meditation Room Sponsorship
This popular feature allows users to experience an ambient setting and relaxing music at their desk. Perfect for relaxation, creativity, and meditation. Users have the choice of various background settings to choose from.
Rate- Monthly Sponsorship $5,000

Mobile Opportunities

OSM iPhone App Skin

As the Title Sponsor of Organic Spa Magazine’s Mobile App SKIN, your company name will appear exclusively at the top of the description in the iTunes App Store and your logo will be featured prominently on the app’s home screen. Title sponsorship includes a Featured Company Listing.
Rate: $15,000

As a Category Sponsor of Organic Spa Magazine's Mobile App SKIN, your company name will appear exclusively at the top of the App category of your choice. Category sponsorship also includes a Featured Company Listing.
Rate: $2,500

The Featured Company Listing is an exclusive section of the app—up to 15 companies—where you can display your company logo and promote up to 3 of your products with descriptions and images. In addition, you will receive an area to describe a special promotion for users of the app.
Rate: $5,000


Dedicated E-Blasts
A.) To Consumers: Our 80,000 Digital Subscribers
Rate: $3,500 per e-blast

B.) To Spa/Wellness Industry: 5,000 Spa/Wellness Professionals
Rate: $2,500 per e-blast

eWellness Newsletter Banner Ads
This is a perfect opportunity to promote giveaways, discounts, sampling, gifting and new product offers to our readership. Banner ads are included in each eWellness Newsletter and click through to company websites.

Size Options
300x250 Rectangle - $1,500 per month
600x250 Wide Rectangle - $2,500 per month

Digital Edition Sponsorship

With a dedicated readership of over 80,000, this unique media vehicle provides advertisers with cost-effective tools to enhance their ads.


  • Company logo placement on digital edition cover
  • Company logo included in digital edition announcements
  • Company logo hyperlinks to company website


Title Sponsorship (Placed adjacent to cover) - $6,000 per issue

Social Media Marketing

Daily Post
A unique post promoting your brand's message across all of OSM's social media platforms.

Rate: $450 each, 3 or more $350 each

Brand Giveaway

A customized social media campaign to build brand loyalty while engaging directly with OSM's audience across all social media platforms. Work with our social media team to design a unique & dynamic promotion.

Rate: $2,500, 3 or more $1,900

OSM Sponsored Twitter Parties
Be part of the evolution of online Twitter parties and have a chance to create your own company “branded” Twitter Party. This is a great way to promote and sell products and also create a community of loyal followers. Our social media team will help you coordinate, promote and set up your sponsored Twitter party.

Rate: $4,500 per party