Editorial Calendar

The Complete Wellness Issue

Full Body Reset
CBD Soaks
Tap Into Joy
Anti-Inflammatory Foods
Olympian-Inspired Workouts
Natural Remedies: Muscle Aches
Reed Diffusers
Brilliant Body Oils
Top Spa Robes
Home Energy Conservation Tips
Flickering Light: Mood Candles
Healing Teas
Designing a Wellness Oasis: Bathroom
Caribbean: Wellness Travel

Winter Adventures

Space: 12/3
Material Due: 12/10

Beauty & Well-Being

OSM Natural & Organic Beauty Awards
Cannabis Drinks
Light Therapy
Acupressure Face & Foot Massage
Natural Remedies: Migraine
Beauty Gadgets & Gizmos
Guide to Pranayama Breath
Regenerative Food Roundup
Natural Nail Care
Designing a Wellness Oasis: Upcycled Interiors
Cooking with Greens
State-of-the-Ocean: Conservation
Overnight Masks, Sleep Serums
Mexico: Wellness Travel

Mountain Spa Escapes

Space: 2/11
Material Due: 2/18

Wellness Travel Guide

Planting a Butterfly Garden
Journey Inward: Tap into Your Healing Energy
Natural Remedies for Arthritis
Expert Running Tips
Spirituality & Spa
Deforestation: What to Do
Touchless Spa Treatments
Vegan Fruit Desserts
Nontoxic Hair Color
Skin-Firming Serums
Europe: Wellness Travel

Top Eco Tour Operators

Space: 4/22
Material Due: 4/29

Gourmet Food & Travel Issue

Best Bike Tours
How Chefs Stop Food Waste
Water Workouts
Sustainable Lawns
How to Grill Vegetables
Beach Hair
Sunscreen Breakthroughs
Healthy Salads
Sustainable Seafood
Designing a Wellness Oasis: Outdoor Design
Urban Compost Outposts
Great Outdoor Gear
Wellness in Asia
Drive-To Wellness Weekends

Space: 6/17
Material Due: 6/24

Wellness Living & Style

OSM Wellness Travel Awards
Create a Cozy Home Environment
Ethical Fashion: Designer Tips
Wildlife Conservation Safaris
Designing a Wellness Oasis: Bedroom
Spicy Scents
The Vagus Nerve
Fuel-Efficient Cars
Artisanal Winemakers
How to Be Plastic-Free
Back to School Snacks
Seaside Spa Getaways
Hawaii: Wellness Travel

Space: 8/12
Material Due: 8/19

The Holiday Issue

Holiday Gift Guide
Organic Holiday Entertaining
De-stressing Meditations and Mantras
What to Pack
Warming Drinks
Healthy Scalp Treatments
Scenting the Home
Sustainable Kitchen Design
Healing Hemp Balms & Salves
Brow Wow!
Africa: Wellness Travel

Wellness Cruises

Space: 10/21
Material Due: 10/28