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The Complete Wellness Issue

Best Cleanses
Fitness Tech Trends
Workout Recovery
Therapeutic Healing Baths
Winter Warming: Teas, Elixirs, Toddies
Supplements for Stress
Ethical Fashion Checklist
Embracing Empathy & Compassion
At-Home Spa Remedies
Anti-Stress Skincare
Vitamin C Serums
Travel: Caribbean
             Winter Adventures

Space: 1/8
Material Due: 1/13


Beauty & Well-Being

Rethinking Food for People & Planet
How to Get Good Posture
The Lowdown on Lavender
Skin Soothing Facials
Expert Running Tips
Water Creams
Relaxing Reflexology
Hair Styling Helpers
Growing an Herb Garden
Building Mental Endurance
Travel: Wellness in Europe
             Drive To Round Up

Space: 2/19
Material Due: 2/23


Wellness Travel Guide

Stress Relief & CBD
Travel By the Stars: Astronomical Travel
Kitchens Without Borders
Fitness on the Road
Travel Apothecary: What to Take With You on the Road Scalp Treatments
Sustainable Switzerland
Healing Gemstone Energy
How to Stop Food Waste
Travel: Thailand Roundup
             Sustainable Switzerland

Space: 4/30
Material Due: 5/5

Gourmet Food & Travel Issue

Wildlife Conservation
Top Eco-Tour Operators
Climate Change
Super Salads
Super Serums
Tasty Plant-Based Snacks
Beauty Travel Kits
Gentlest Exfoliants
Natural Sunscreens
Vegan Desserts
Best Bike Tours
Travel: Costa Rica

Space: 6/25
Material Due: 6/30


Style & Wellness Living

Repair & Repurpose: Upcycling Clothes
India: Guide to Ayurveda
Serenely Meditative Hikes
Spicy Skincare
Hand and Foot Hydration
Top Concealers
Organic Bedding & Blankets
Travel: 2020 Wellness Travel Awards
             Global Healing Spas

Space: 8/20
Material Due: 8/25


The Holiday Issue

Holiday Gift Guide
Healing Herbal Teas & Elixirs
Organic Holiday Feast
De-stressing Mantras
Natural Perfume
Detoxing Body Wraps
Best Organic Chocolate
Winter Cocktails & Mocktails
Five-Minute Meditation
Travel: Wellness in Mexico
             Top Winter Spas

Space: 11/5
Material Due: 11/10