Editorial Calendar

The Complete Wellness Issue
New Year Reboot: The Ultimate Detox
Tea Time: Herbal Healing Blends
Natural Brow Tinting
How to Heal Yourself
Benefits of Organic Coffee
Portugal: New Spas
Anti-Stress Tonics and Elixirs
Mental Well-Being
Skin Brighteners
X-Country Ski Spas
Dance Workouts
Best Makeup Brushes
Off the Grid Spas
Space: 11/22 
Material Due: 12/1

Wellness Travel Guide
*Annual directory of all US and International wellness resorts
Bathing Cultures Around the Globe
Energy Work: Top Treatments
Emotional Wellness
The Art of the Hammam
Expert Travel Tips
Thailand: New Spas
Global Spa Innovators
Herb Gardening
Building Self Esteem
Expert Sports Training Tips
Cannabis Beauty
10 Steps to Fight Global Warming
The Top Vegan Spa Chefs
Space: 2/2
Material Due: 2/16

Inner Beauty & Self-Care
Iconic Indie Facialists
The Joy in Quiet Moments
Healthy Hair Color
Tea Tonics
Herbal Spa Treatments
India: Ayurvedic Spas
Rooftop Yoga
Play Time: Mind Games to Keep You Sharp
Plastic Pollution: A Global Solution
The Herbalist’s Kitchen
Inventive Salads
The Ultimate Concealers
Top Urban Spas
Space: 3/23
Material Due: 3/30

Gourmet Food & Travel
Sweet & Savory Snacks
Spa Tonics & Elixirs
The Organic Gourmet BBQ
Benefits of Outdoor Showers
Natural Sunscreens
Family Workouts
Styling Tools
Wellness Workouts
Self-Love Rituals
Meditation Tips
Eco Travel Bags
Top Trending Beauty Botanicals
Lakeside Getaways: Top Resorts
Space: 5/11
Material Due: 5/18

Skin Care Guide
*Annual directory of all natural &
organic skincare brands
Dry Hair Hacks
The Cellulite Solution
The Mind-Body Beauty Connection
Natural Spa Manis & Pedis
Smoothing Rough Spots: Elbows, Knees
Age-Defying Spa Facials
Space: 6/8
Material Due: 6/15

Wellness Living & Style
Healthy, Hearty Soups
Sustainable Home Design
Mountain Spa Meditations
Autumn Beauty Harvest
Body Image Yoga
Organic Wine Harvest
Natural Pain Remedies
Hair Masks & Moisturizers
Elemental Jewelry: Stone, Wood, Metal
At Home Facial Tips
Benefits of Therapeutic Massage
American Country: Rustic Escapes
Space: 8/3
Material Due: 8/10

Holiday Gift Guide
Organic Cocktails
Spicy Body Treatments
The Ultimate Aromatherapy Candles
Expressing Gratitude
Holiday Hair & Makeup
Healthy Holiday Feasts
De-Stressing Baths
Sugar Free Desserts
Desk Yoga
Spa Treatments for Skiers
The Beauty of Bamboo
Fall Foliage: Where to Go
Winter Wonderland: Top Winter Sport Spas
Space: 9/28
Material Due: 10/5