Editorial Calendar


The Well-Being Issue

Winter Spas in Switzerland
Hemp Healing
Targeted Supplement Solutions
Jumpstart Your Detox
New Plant-Based Proteins
Ultimate Guide to Vegan Beauty
The New Shamans
Chakra Balancing
Fango + Natural Mineral Hot Springs
Why Organic Coffee?

Space: 11/26
Material Due: 12/03


Wellness Travel Issue

Star Gazing Therapy
Road Tripping
Caribbean Wellness
Eat to Beat Inflammation
Sustainable Cruise Ships
Yoga Retreats
Top Energy Treatments
Midnight Sun + Northern Lights: Remote Spas
Beauty Travel Kits
Targeted Solutions for Sexual Health
Ethical Style Artisans

Space: 02/01
Material Due: 02/15


Annual Skin Care Issue/SIP

Chakra-Balancing Beauty
Natural Sunscreens
Fruits + Flowers: Spa Garden Treatments
Summer Glow: Face Oils + Luminizers
Targeted Solutions for Thinning Hair
Natural Brow Tinting
Age-Defying Elixirs
Clean Beauty Facialists
Secrets to Healthy Hair
New Massage Treatments
Ultimate Under-eye Concealers

Space: 03/22
Material Due: 03/29


Gourmet Food & Travel

The Herbalist’s Kitchen
Tea Sauces
Road Tripping
Great Lake Getaways
Apres Sun Skin Soothers
In Search of Silence: Quiet places to go before they’re gone
Saving the Oceans
Luxury Camping
Healthy BBQ
The Oregon Coast
Targeted Solutions for High Blood Pressure

Space: 05/24
Material Due: 05/31


Inner Beauty Issue

Energy Elixirs
Beauty Supplements
Leaf-Peeping Spas
Water Therapy!
Bathing Cultures of the World
Beauty Masks for Face & Body
Dance Workouts
Cultural Tourism in Asia
Luscious Lip Treatments
Targeted Solutions for Sexual Health
Spa Healing with Art + Music

Space: 08/02
Material Due: 08/09


Holiday Gift Guide

Great Lodges
Medicinal Teas
Healing Baths
Home Remedies for Cold Season
Creating a Stress-Free Zone
Spicy Vegetable Stews
The Onsen Experience
X-Country Ski Spas
A Holiday Feast
How to Shop for Ethical Fashion

Space: 09/27
Material Due: 10/04