Social Media

Facebook Deal of the Week

This is a perfect opportunity to promote giveaways, discounts, sampling, gifting and last minute offers to our Facebook fans and online audience. Choose a package that works best for you.

• Reaching a network of over 5.2 million sustainable viewers
• Promotes viral distribution of special deals and offers
• Increases online traffic numbers
• Creates immediate buzz and ROI for your brand

Rate: $2,500 per week
($1,900 for the first 2 bookings)

OSM Sponsored Twitter Parties

Be part of the evolution of online Twitter parties and have a chance to create your own company “branded” Twitter Party. This is a great way to promote and sell products and also create a community of loyal followers.

Our Social Media team will help you coordinate, promote and set up your sponsored Twitter party.
Rate: $4,500 per party

• Network of over 2 million per party
• Significant brand impact